E-mail that was sent out

Dear Family and Friends,

I, along with a teaching friend of mine, want to do a really cool science
investigation with our students this year and "we need your help". With
the kids we are going to map the areas around the world which has sand
containing magnetite. We think we have a really good project here and one
that could really develop into something great for the kids - there are
numerous directions we can go with this. (That was a readers digest version of our idea).
Now for where "your help" comes in. We need people (such as yourself) to
send us one small baggy of sand from any coastal area (including the Great
Lakes) that you may happen to visit, live near, or have friends located,
and send it to us at school. Please mark the baggy as to where the sand
came from - beach, city, state so we can research and plot it on the map
with the kids.

If you are able to help, please send the sand to:

Mary Widen's Kids
Cooper Elementary School
5143 S. 21st Street
Milwaukee, WI 53221

Sandra Hyden's Kids
Tippecanoe Elementary School
357 E. Howard Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53207

We will be collecting and analyzing the sand through January 2003. Feel
free to pass this letter on to your friends.
We are really sorry, but we are unable to pay you for the shipping,
however, we can have the kids write the thank you letters!

Thank you so much for your help.

Mary aka Murry
and Sandy