Description of Project


7 Ocean Lake Drive was a year long investigation into the presence of "magnetite" in coastal sand. What began as a small science based inquiry project in September blossomed into a global geography lesson by January and continues to grow and develop. 7 Ocean Lake Drive began with the e-mailing of letters to friends asking for their assistance by sending us small bags of sand from coastal areas for which we could investigate. To date, we have received over 60 bags of sand representing coastal beaches of the United States, the Caribbean, Saudi Arabia and we continue to receive e-mails stating more sand samples have been collected.

Coinciding with the collection and analysis of our sand samples, the internet was used for locating the area from which the sand was collected, and exploring the topography of the land. A website was developed to share our results and resources with those who sent us sand. Cable programming was used to supplement the project by providing the children with background information and to highlight regions from which the sand was collected.


A gracious thank you to all our "Sand Pals", who so generously sent sand to assist us with our investigation.